5 Tips to relocate to Amsterdam as a Recruiter 


Have you ever thought of taking the step to continue your career abroad?

I have! In November 2018 - I visited Amsterdam for the very first time and I started dreaming about moving here one day. After finishing my Masters, I was finally ready to make this dream a reality and made quite a bold decision to move here with no connections, no serious plan nor a job.

Amsterdam is definitely one of a kind; it charms you with its amazing architecture, delights with openness and diversity, yet most importantly gives you great opportunities to grow as a person and as a professional. However, the road to getting these opportunities can sometimes be long and bumpy.

Here are 5 tips which helped me and could help you too. 😉


1. Work on your Personal brand 🤸‍♀️

4 words: Update your LinkedIn profile! When was the last time you checked and really thought about your LinkedIn profile? However weird it may sound, many recruiters underestimate the power of their LinkedIn profiles and their personal branding. I should know, I was one of them. 

To be seen as a recruitment professional, you have to present yourself like one! Work on your LI profile, rewrite your about section, refresh your profile photo and describe your past role with key achievements. Think and write about how you stand out, what you are passionate about as a recruiter and how you can help your next potential employer or candidate. Make them want to connect with you! 

Last step: Share your updated profile with your professional network and let them know that you’re looking for a new role in Amsterdam. 


2. Apply and build your network in Amsterdam 🤳

First of all ask yourself what kind of companies, working environment or role would suit you best. Check the top companies and startups based in Amsterdam and the vacancies they offer. Once you find a really interesting and exciting opportunity, connect with its company recruiters and show them your interest. Don’t be shy and be human - always write a personal message and tell them what actually brought your attention to the company. It’s also a perfect way to validate the company’s culture and expand your network. Read more about personal outreaches in The Robot-Proof Recruiter from Katrina Collier, it will definitely help you with approaching your candidates as well.

What worked for me was actually connecting with WeAreKeen. In the beginning, I was interested in a client assignment but then an internal vacancy opened and I got the chance to apply for it. Connecting with a recruitment agency always broadens your job search as you’re not the only one who’s looking for a great opportunity for you!

3. Research is key 👩‍💻

Before you start going to interviews, do yourself a favor and do proper market research. Even though you may have been doing recruitment in a different country, within a different market or different industry, it’s crucial to get at least some knowledge or understanding of recruitment in the Netherlands. Look for blogs, podcasts or local recruiting experts who share a lot of useful content on their websites or profiles. It shows your engagement and professionalism, helps you ask relevant questions during interviews and increases your confidence. Here are my favorite ones: 

What else is worth researching? Definitely two more practical topics - salary and visa sponsorship. Before you go to an interview make sure you did some research on salaries and got reliable information about the visa conditions and requirements.


4. Come here for a coffee or two ☕️

Nothing builds relationships like a real coffee meeting! Of course, it’s hard to come to another country for every interview however you can always make a better impression and show your authentic self if you’re sitting at the same table, moaning about the weather or asking about best Dutch pancakes. Most of the companies would love to see you and invite you for a coffee before the offer stage. I bet you would also like to meet your potential colleagues before relocating here. 😏

In Amsterdam, there is plenty of interesting recruitment events and meet-ups you should definitely attend. Check on Eventbrite or Meetup if there is an appealing event planned and arrange your visit then. Here’s my favorite monthly meet-up organized by Recruitee in the city center of Amsterdam: TA Innovators Community Meet-ups.  

A couple of job interviews, coffees or meet-ups in Amsterdam. Sounds like a perfect excuse for a nice city break, doesn’t it?


5. Polish your English 🗣

Wondering if it’s a problem that you’re not fluent in Dutch? Of course not! In Amsterdam, everyone speaks English so you can easily find a job without Dutch. More important are your work experience and skills - if you meet job requirements on this level, you can definitely expect a positive answer to your application. 

Keep in mind that some companies do require fluency in Dutch so it’s always a nice motivation for you to learn once you’re already here. For the motivated ones, Amsterdam City Hall offers free Dutch language courses, more info here


With all these tips, you are now ready to relocate to Amsterdam, find the best possible career opportunity and become a better recruiter in a completely new, different and exciting environment. 

If you are ready for the next step in your life - Connect with me - Maja Rutkowska and tell me your personal story! 💌



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