9 tips for recruiters to remote working

Here are our best 9 tips to remain productive whilst working from home as a recruiter.

At WeAreKeen, we as most of the rest of the world have taken our offices home and as working in the people’s business we are huge fans of face to face coffee chats but we are improvising, adapting and overcoming just like the rest of you. That is why we’ve written down the most helpful tips to work remotely as talent specialists. We hope it will help you to stay productive, positive and energetic!


1. Morning routine ☕️

Stick to your regular morning routine: get up at the time you usually would, shower, dress up and prepare yourself a nice healthy breakfast. Even though it is tempting to stay in your PJ’s all day, it doesn’t really contribute to your energy level. A huge plus of working from home is that you have more time since you don’t have to travel to the office. You can use this time to meditate or do a small work out session before you kickstart your day!


2. Working out 🏃‍♂️

Moving your body is important. Invest in a proper yoga mat, a kettlebell, resistance bands or whatnot. Move for at least 30 mins a day, there is plenty of YouTube channels offering free HIIT or Yoga workouts. If you can to take a nice walk in the park during your lunch break or after work. Enjoy the fresh air!


3. Refresh your skillset  🖥

Work on the creative ideas you haven’t had the time to do in the busy times. Read blogs like Recruiting Brainfood, write your own blog on LinkedIn, listen to inspiring podcasts, attend a webinar, plan inspirational calls with other recruiters to exchange tips. And our favorite one, keep learning on the hiring skills platform SocialTalent. When you get back to the office, you can share your fresh knowledge with your colleagues during a small workshop.


4. Stick to your (usual) schedule 🗓

Stick to your schedule, or adapt it a little if needed. It is important to create a structured routine. Make priority or to-do lists and set goals for yourself. You want to complete tasks and feel like you have done something by the end of the day. Set specific hours to answer emails, plan (video) calls and even plan your breaks.  

You can also decide to work in buddies/pair if you feel like you could use some help debating and evaluating your work with a team member. 


5. Me-time = free time 🧖‍♀️

Take your breaks! Schedule a proper lunch break and eat mindfully, close your laptop and put your phone on airplane mode! Also, for all those enthusiastic workaholics out there, it’s easy to work longer hours and keep checking your e-mails after work. Make sure you decide for yourself when enough is enough. Also, store all of your work stuff by night to make sure that you can completely relax and reload for the next day ahead.


6. Stay in touch with your team 📞

Be social! Plan a Google Hangouts or Zoom video call with your teammates every day (preferably in the morning) to stay in touch and set your goals together. During this time it is extra important to motivate and inspire each other. Communicate with each other during the day via Slack or your Whatsapp group. Also, if you just feel like being social and chatting with your colleagues, plan a virtual coffee break, lunch break or even virtual Friday Drinks! 🍻


7. Stay in touch with your candidates 📲

Some candidates might be in a difficult situation when they are actively searching for a job right now. Stay in touch with them, hear them out and give them tips. Also, others might be sticking to their current job for safety, but it’s always good to stay in touch on a regular basis. This is the time to connect!


8. Pipeline management 📈

Keep on filling your pipeline. Invest time in scaling your network. Now, you might even have more time for some creative sourcing. Use socialtalent or sourcing.games to improve your sourcing. 


9. Clean desk policy 🧼

Yes, also at home. Create a nice workspace with no distractions. Plants, candles whatever works well for your creativity. Do you think it is too silent at your house? Listen to relaxing music, such as Music for Concentration or Atmospheric Calm on Spotify. If you have roommates or family members who are distracting you, invest in a proper noise-canceling headphone! 

Hope this can support you in your new situation of working from home and remember we are all in this together!


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