Any company that is going through a phase of hyper-growth needs to have skilled people on their teams. Not all companies have the right people who can do the sourcing and recruitment process. That’s where we step in. We embed experienced Talent Acquisition Experts who know exactly who to hire so your company can hit those milestones. 


How does it work?

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Connecting you with the right talent

You need people, and we have recruiters available ready to jump in. They are skilled, experienced and available for your assignment to jumpstart your hiring process. Not only do our recruiters know everything about sourcing, they will interview and hire the talented people you need that fit your demand, complete your teams and meet your company culture.

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Flexible and

Especially, when your company is growing fast, you need to make quick changes. Our embedded TA teams can be working on your assignments for 3 months, 6 months, you name it - we adapt to your hiring needs and create a custom offer.

We’ve got you covered all over Europe’s Tech hubs

Best network of Recruitment Talents

We know what is happening in the tech industry, and we have the right connections all around Europe to meet your hiring needs.

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We always have a swift solution tailored for your hiring needs with the best and most skilful Recruitment professionals. We can embed a team of Talent Partners within weeks and are very flexible. Upscale or downsize? It’s all good. 

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