How to Build a Sustainable Tech Employer Brand

In this webinar, Modiara will discuss ways to build a sustainable tech employer brand that will overcome the storms. 

She will talk about the forces, which go into play when building an employer brand and give practical tips on how to successfully do that. She will follow up with ways in which the employer brand can be preserved by paying attention to the candidate journey. 

Modiara is a young executive with a broad understanding of business strategy, recruitment processes and leadership. After studying management she got involved in recruitment to impact people’s lives in a positive way. She currently leads Amazon’s employer branding efforts for Consumer Tech in EMEA.

Key takeaways:

If a company is to have a customer - centered DNA it should base everything else around that. It should continuously go back to the customer to ask for feedback in order to improve the overall customer experience.

Curious to find out what other tips and insights from Amazon Modiara shares? 

Watch the webinar in full!

Watch the full webinar

Watch the full webinar