Building Performing Talent Teams in 5 Steps

Curious to know what are the fundamentals of a high performing talent team? Watch a pragmatic webinar with Yvette Swagerman, VP people at Iziwork, Ex- Netflix. 

She deeps dive into the 5 steps you should follow in order to build a high performing talent team within a fast-growing organization such as a start-up or scale-up with a limited budget. With those 5 steps, you'll be able to recruit, hire and scale fast as you'll learn the foundation of hiring success!

About our guest

Yvette Swagerman is a positive, energetic professional with a hands-on and "can do" mentality. She's an experienced People leader with an interest in building and leading (international) teams. Previously at TripActions and Netflix. 

Watch our webinar and learn about the steps to building a performing talent team in 5 steps! 

Watch the full webinar

Watch the full webinar

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