#DataDriven – How to Benefit from Data in Talent Acquisition

At Scout24, one of Germany’s leading digital companies, it’s all about making decisions based on numbers, data and facts.

Matthias works as Director of Talent Acquisition (TA) at Scout24 Group and has over 10 years of experience in recruiting. He built his core TA expertise mainly in the area of Tech Recruiting where he worked over the last 6 years in different tech companies in Berlin. He has become a popular TA Voice by running the TA Lab in Berlin during his time at Zalando. Driven by constantly making hiring an expertise for all leaders in-house and helping TA professionals to grow, he also likes to talk about employer branding, Diversity & Inclusion and assessment/diagnostics.

Key takeaways:

It is vital to understand your tooling and where your data is coming from. Matthias explains how Scout24 uses Workday and Greenhouse to collect and analyze data. 

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Watch the full webinar

Watch the full webinar

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