How to Create Impactful Outreaches

After sourcing for days and finding the perfect candidate you need to approach him. How, when, where? 

In this webinar, Mark will discuss the importance of preparing for and building quality candidate outreach. He will give you practical tips on how to build outreaches that positively impact your response rates with engineers, or for that matter anyone, and stand out of the crowd.

About our guest

Tech Recruiter Mark Deubel, better known as Doobles, is an Engineer by trade and Recruiter by heart. Mark is a Dutch military veteran, a former (project) engineer, team lead, and hiring manager that has spent more than 20 years in technology before he made a quite unexpected step into the role of a Technical Recruiter with a focus on improving candidate outreach and hiring manager relations.

He currently recruits hard to find engineers across the globe for Elastic, a distributed open source software company and has a podcast 'Doobles Talks' where he shares his view on recruitment.

Watch the full webinar

Watch the full webinar

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