How to fill problematic vacancies

Filling problematic vacancies can give any recruiter a headache, can’t it?

In this webinar, Jan Bernhart shares his experience in the field of recruitment as well as some tips on how to avoid headaches by getting to the root of a problematic vacancy. He shares his 5 main root causes for the impossible-to-fill vacancies and provides advice on how to deal with them.

Key takeaways:

Root cause 1: looking for unicorns - sometimes vacancies have requirements, which no one fits into. In order to avoid an impossible search for someone who simply does not exist it is important to show your team the difference between fantasy and reality and also to benchmark the requirements for new team members to the qualifications of the current ones. This way you can make the expectations for new team members more realistic and fill the vacancy more easily!

Curious tofind out what the other 4 root causes and solutions are and more?

Watch the webinar in full!

Watch the full webinar

Watch the full webinar

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