How to Fall in Love with Feedback in Less than 20 Minutes

Roland is an HR Leader with extensive experience in fast-growing scale-ups and start-ups like Blendle where he built everything from the ground up. He is now part of the People Operations team for EMEA at Google.

He’ll discuss why feedback is Key to all people-related topics from hiring, onboarding to offboarding. You’ll walk away with 3 practical tips to integrate it into your work and become a feedback lover and user. 

Key takeaways:

- Set Expectations: You can't give people feedback on how they are doing if you haven't agreed on upfront what good work looks like.                           

- Make feedback a habit: Make a plan to prioritize giving feedback. It's the first thing that slips through the cracks when it gets busy. 

Curious about the third tip Roland shares?

Watch the full webinar now!


Watch the full webinar

Watch the full webinar