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We offer tech-enabled Embedded Recruitment solutions (RPO) for fast-growing technology companies and transforming enterprises.

Our Talent Partners work alongside the recruitment teams of our partners to ensure seamless integration, gain a deep understanding of the business needs, and leverage the core values that make a company stand out.

We focus on hiring exceptional candidates quickly and efficiently, facilitate entries into new markets, optimise hiring processes, and much more. Our embedded recruitment solutions deliver results every time.


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WeAreKeen in a Nutshell

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WeAreKeen, founded in the Netherlands in 2018 by three Dutch entrepreneurs, is on a mission to create the best and most fun embedded recruitment company in Europe. Our team consists of goal-oriented, driven, forward-thinking, and enthusiastic Talent Partners with extensive experience in recruitment.

At the heart of our operations are our core values #KeentoGrow #KeentoLearn, #KeentoCare, and #KeentoHaveFun. We firmly believe in nurturing talent and providing them with opportunities for professional and personal growth. Our unique strength lies in bringing together a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for continuous learning, ambition, kindness, and positive vibes.

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How Takeaway scaled their recruitment team with us

Of course, we can talk for hours about what we can do for you. But let’s hear it from one of our happy clients. Take it away, Takeaway!

Jet Brederode
Director Talent Acquisition

Level up your hiring game with us

Hello! Are you the one we are looking for? Have you been working in recruitment and hiring for quite some time and are ready to further develop your skills? We are constantly searching for talented recruiters who are eager to grow.

Alternatively, are you already at the top of your game and seeking an exciting new position? We have just what you need.

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The Hiring Playground

Work is serious business, but we like to play around. We are always #KeentoLearn. That’s why we created The Hiring Playground. A platform that allows us to grow and that offers you original articles, videos, podcasts and exclusive #KeenWebinars. The Hiring Playground is our platform that empowers you to learn more, get inspired and elevate your hiring game. Wanna grow and play?

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