WeAreKeen scales Rabobank's recruitment team with top talent

WeAreKeen helped Rabobank overcome its main challenge of getting its recruitment team to a desired quantitative and qualitative level to enable ambitious business growth.

Rens Freriks Head of Total Workforce Management at Rabobank

Rens Freriks
Global Head of Total Workforce Management 



"They deliver" is the best way to describe the partnership with WeAreKeen, and that makes them a very valuable partner for Rabobank.

The real value of the partnership with WeAreKeen is in the solutions they offer based on your requests, the quality of hires, and the passion for the recruitment craftsmanship itself that is visible across the whole WeAreKeen organisation.



The recruitment team, consisting of more than 70 highly-skilled recruitment professionals, is a strategic asset within the Rabobank organization to achieve its challenging business strategy.

In 2019/2020, Rabobank was facing the challenge was getting its recruitment team on a desired quantitative and qualitative level, and it needed immediate support from a trusted recruitment partner to scale hiring for its internal team.

During the partnership, the team of WeAreKeen talent partners was embedded within the Rabobank organization. They delivered on their hiring targets and brought added value with the overall recruitment craftsmanship that helped acquire top recruitment talent on the market.



Coöperatieve Rabobank U.A. is a full-range financial services provider that operates on cooperative principles. Its origins lie in the local loan cooperatives that were founded in the Netherlands nearly 110 years ago by enterprising people who had virtually no access to the capital market.

Rabobank Group has approximately 61,100 employees (in FTEs), who serve about 10 million customers in 47 countries.

Rabobank and WeAreKeen Partnership Case Study

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