How we made 74 hires for Mollie to support rapid growth

In a hot hiring market, we helped Mollie fulfil its high-volume recruitment targets with an 89% offer acceptance rate and 3-week average time to hire.

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Tamar van Herk Head of Talent Acquisition at Mollie

Tamar van Herk
Head of Talent Acquisition at Mollie


We truly value the WeAreKeen embedded recruitment model. Their talent partner seamlessly integrated into our team, becoming a real "Mollie" as well as our brand ambassador. This is what sets WeAreKeen apart from other RPOs, and this is the reason why we chose to engage with them. Partnering with WeAreKeen has not only helped us achieve our high-volume hiring goals, but their talent partner was invaluable in setting up our team and hiring processes for long-term success.


Mollie is a pioneer in the payments industry and one of Europe’s fastest-growing financial services providers (PSP). Founded in 2004, Mollie creates world-class products that simplify financial services and enable businesses to grow. Mollie works with more than 130,000 European businesses and has offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, the UK, France and Portugal. After closing a Series C investment round in 2021, Mollie has become Europe's third largest fin-tech company and one of the top 20 in the world.


They are currently scaling their engineering team.


Mollie and WeAreKeen Partnership Case Study
Main objectives
  • High-volume recruitment for Operations department

  • Support in setting up the team and hiring processes for long-term success

The challenge

Mollie has been on a major growth tear in recent years. The pandemic saw a massive shift in commerce with myriad transactions moving online - from buying goods to paying for services to handling banking and personal finances. This change also played out for Mollie, which was scaling quickly to meet customer demand. At the same time Mollie had moved from a Series A to Series C funding round, which increased the complexity of hiring processes as well as the demand for new hires to facilitate further growth.

As a result of this rapid expansion, Mollie's internal talent acquisition team faced increasing hiring demands. At the time Mollie had around 480 employees and planned to hire 300 new team members in the next six to nine months. However, the team was overstretched and required additional support in order to achieve its high-volume recruitment goals.

The competitive hiring market in 2021 presented enormous challenges to recruiters, and the Mollie team was struggling to onboard extra support fast enough. The high-volume hiring targets for the Operations department, in particular for the specialised KYC/CDD roles, proved to be even more challenging due to fierce competition in the hiring market with a scarce talent pool, further intensified by strict, new requirements from regulatory bodies.

Additionally, Mollie’s rapid growth brought openings of new roles that required setting up new end-to-end hiring processes.

The solution

In 2021, a WeAreKeen talent partner was embedded in-house with the Mollie internal talent acquisition team to boost hiring in the Operations department. Hitting monthly targets of an average of 5 hires per month, WeAreKeen successfully hired profiles across the board for the CDD/Remediation, Tech Support, Transaction Monitoring, Risk, Fraud and Disputes, and Strategy and Planning departments.

WeAreKeen also focused on the number of essential consultative efforts, working closely with Mollie's hiring and business managers, providing additional value-added insights and training to the internal team, including:

  • Sharing recruitment metrics, performance statistics and market insights to enable forecasting and hiring plans effectively
  • Support in developing a scalable recruitment process to facilitate expansion into new markets
  • Setting up a high-volume recruitment process for remediation, partnering with Business and Employer Branding
  • Setting up salary benchmarking for KYC/CDD roles
  • Training for Mollie's internal recruiters in sourcing and recruitment techniques to successfully hire top talent
  • Serving as one of Mollie's loyal brand ambassadors, promoting and presenting Mollie at multiple hiring and networking events

The results

WeAreKeen successfully increased the top-of-funnel recruitment activity for Mollie. In just over 13 months, the embedded talent partner hired 74 candidates and achieved an average time to hire of 3 weeks.

Exceeding Mollie’s monthly targets and outperforming all other external recruiters by a large margin, WeAreKeen grew the team quickly and efficiently, securing 84 offers with an 89% offer acceptance rate. 40% of hires were made from outbound sourcing, and the WeAreKeen talent partner also led remediation recruitment efforts to increase the quality of inbound candidates.

Alongside recruiting, a number of initiatives were rolled out to support Mollie's hiring team and set it up for long-term success as well as optimise end-to-end hiring processes that effectively helped to reduce time to hire and made a lasting impact on the business.


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