We help our Talent Partners gain highly valuable skills to remain relevant and competitive in the current marketplace, by providing training sessions led by industry experts and by our employees. Personal and professional growth are at the heart of our company.

In-house trainings and masterclasses


Learn from industry experts

Embracing one of our core values of "KeentoLearn", we are committed to nurturing our Talent Partners' curiosity and enhancing their skill set across diverse recruitment functions. Our goal is to keep you up-to-date with industry trends, market insights, and leadership prowess. We unite esteemed global industry experts with an engaging community of recruitment professionals, allowing you to tap into a diverse range of topics including AI, stakeholder management, leadership, interviewing techniques, emotional intelligence, and data-driven recruitment, among others.


Peer-to-peer learning

We extend the opportunity to our Talent Partners to take the lead in organizing internal workshops, fostering knowledge sharing and collaborative learning. This approach empowers individuals to host their own training sessions and gain insights from fellow colleagues, effectively exchanging best practices in subjects such as interviewing, sourcing techniques, AI tools, neurodiversity, personal branding, and cross-cultural communication. 


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Learn how to use AI tools to automate tasks, gain insights from data, and enhance decisions in the recruitment process.

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Acquire the skills to effectively communicate, collaborate, and build positive relationships with diverse stakeholders, ensuring successful project outcomes and organizational alignment.

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Develop the abilities to inspire, guide, and empower a team, fostering collaboration, growth and achieving strategic business goals.

KEEN-OFFICE-3-22-109-1 2-Nov-10-2023-09-38-36-4943-AM

Master the art of identifying, attracting, and engaging top-tier candidates through advanced search techniques, innovative online tools, and effective talent outreach strategies.

KEEN-OFFICE-3-22-22 6-Sep-06-2023-03-13-13-4859-PM

Gain proficiency in utilizing data analytics and presenting insights in different formats to optimize the recruitment process.

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Enhance your self-awareness, interpersonal skills, and overall emotional intelligence to navigate complex social dynamics, manage stress, and foster personal growth.

Why you will love the KeenAcademy?


Our tailor-made masterclasses and workshops will help you develop personally and professionally, across different skill sets and trending topics.

From attending trainings led by industry experts to hosting your own internal workshop on a topic of your interest. The KeenAcademy will provide you with all the tools you need to keep progressing in your career on a professional and personal level.

Every year we update our portfolio of trainings to make sure you will learn and grow further.

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