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WeAreKeen focuses on Embedded Recruitment and is the partner for fast-moving scale-ups and established enterprises alike. Result-driven, growth-boosting recruitment is what we are known for. We partner up and embed our Talent Partners to fast track the growth of game-changers by hiring people who get the job done.


This is what we are all about

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The right people at the right time

WeAreKeen wants to be the best in Embedded Talent Acquisition. Our success happens when people find their dream job that fulfils them and brings happiness. Having a healthy equilibrium in work and life will enable people to be at the top of their game. Talent should be nurtured and growth stimulated. Our sweet spot is where talented people and business purposes collide. Our fast-moving partners reach their next phase because we know how to hire the right people at the right time.

Join the definition
of recruitment

WeAreKeen is The Definition of Embedded Recruitment. Yes, we are just putting it out there. We’ve been in the recruitment industry for many years and know exactly how to find the sweet spots. We knew that our name would define us when we founded our company. We never realised that our name now defines the new world of recruitment. Get our hot take on it and see for yourself. Let’s get the ball rolling.

You scale up.
We step in.

WeAreKeen was founded in the Netherlands in 2018 by three Dutch founders who share all the hiring & recruitment knowledge and expertise needed to get results for any company going through hyper-growth.

WeAreKeen strives to be the number one talent partner for fast-growing tech companies in all major European tech hubs. Besides our offices in Amsterdam and Berlin, we also plan to open new offices and have a dedicated team of 150 employees by 2025.

We are among the European market leaders in supporting hyper-growth tech companies with talent. Moreover, we encourage people to upskill their abilities to be a better version of themselves and find true happiness at work and in life...

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About us, WeAreKeen behind the scenes

This is us; a team of goal-oriented, driven, forward-thinking and eager people with extensive recruitment experience. You want us on your recruitment team. You need us on your recruitment team. We get the job done.

Meet the team

Doeke Geertsma
CEO and Co-founder
Annemarie Sterk
COO and Co-founder
Johan Rensing
CFO and Co-founder
Claudia Antolich
Head of Marketing
Elsemieke Wijgerse
Head of Partners
Anna Serbo
Talent Lead
Emily Galfrascoli
Marketing Assistant
Jessica Borlini
HR Manager
Kata Nagy
Talent Lead
Masha Begovic
Talent Partner
Valeria Kolarova
Internal Talent Partner
Nedim Cengic
Talent Partner
Maria Isabel Ortiz
Talent Partner
Julia Golovach
Tech Talent Partner
Inna Lisna
Talent Partner
Babet van Oorschot
Talent Lead
Yannis Xofakis
Talent Partner
Sofia Cabullo Chiodini
Talent Partner
Ana Sousa
Tech Talent Partner
Akvile Sabulyte
Talent Partner
Dushica Damjanovska
Talent Partner
Mabel de Bruijn
Sales Development Representative

Grow your organization with Embedded Recruitment

We partner up with fast-growing scale-up and transforming enterprises and provide our very best Talent Partners to fast track their growth by sourcing, recruiting and hiring the right people at the right time. 


Embedded Recruitment

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