How we helped Miro win top-notch recruiters in the post-pandemic hiring boom

Learn how WeAreKeen achieved niche, yet high-volume recruitment of senior and specialised recruitment professionals in the post-pandemic hiring frenzy.

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Marcus Pask Head of Global Tech Recruiting

Marcus Pask
Head of Global Tech Recruiting at Miro


WeAreKeen became an extended arm of our own recruitment team, and this is the reason they were able to achieve all of our objectives. Without this full integration, you just have an extra resource that doesn't really understand the fundamentals of a successful ad campaign or recruitment process. With the WeAreKeen embedded model, we got all the benefits I’d expect from a permanent recruiter - along with flexibility that made for very little risk. Their talent partners were able to find top talent for us around the globe, even at a time when the hiring market had never been harder.


Miro is an online collaborative whiteboard platform that enables distributed teams to work together effectively, from running brainstorming sessions and workshops to planning projects; from designing new products and services to facilitating agile ceremonies. Miro, co-headquartered in San Francisco and Amsterdam, serves more than 35 million users worldwide, including 99% of the Fortune 100.

The company has recently seen explosive growth. Since 2021, Miro has scaled its headcount from 300 to 1800 employees in 12 offices globally, closed on a Series C round of funding, and secured its place as the world’s leading visual collaboration platform. In 2022, Miro has ranked #4 in the Forbes Cloud 100, the definitive ranking of the world’s top 100 private cloud companies.


Miro and WeAreKeen Partnership Case Study
Main objectives
  • A dedicated recruitment resource to scale hiring for Miro's internal recruitment team to facilitate hyper-growth across the board
  • Niche, yet high-volume recruitment of senior-level recruiter profiles with specialised background
  • Greater diversification of talent pool and higher-quality applications with increased number of sourced candidates
  • Support in optimising hiring processes to effectively reduce time to hire

The challenge

Due to the shift to remote and hybrid work with companies adopting a new, digital-first way of working, Miro has significantly increased its user base in recent years and experienced hyper-growth. The company scaled from 300 to 1200 employees in 2021 alone, then to an additional 600 the following year after closing a Series C round of funding in January 2022.

To enable this hyper-expansion, Miro needed immediate reinforcement in the form of a dedicated resource to scale hiring for the internal recruitment team. Miro had more than 20 open roles at the time and needed to hire at least 13 recruiters between July 2021 and January 2022 to facilitate growth in the Amsterdam, Munich and Berlin hubs. They required senior-level niche recruitment profiles with specialised backgrounds in engineering, product, sales, marketing, and data to accommodate growth across the board, in particular in product and engineering.

Alongside the company’s niche, yet high-volume recruitment needs, Miro was also looking to their diversity hiring panel to ensure a diverse talent pool by increasing the number of sourced candidates and balancing the number of sourced, referral and inbound hires.

Additionally, it was essential for Miro to gain insights and support to optimise its hiring processes and candidate journeys to effectively reduce time to hire and influence decisions for future hiring.

However, these objectives were rendered particularly challenging due to the state of the hiring market in 2021, as employers found themselves in a hiring frenzy as they recovered from the pandemic. The unemployment rate remained low and job openings were at record highs. As hiring increased across the board, so did the need for more recruiters to support that growth.

Recruiter demand that had fallen sharply when the pandemic hit in 2020 began to rise dramatically in 2021 as organisations rescaled their recruitment functions. Growth and hiring goals were aggressively moving forward as companies were making up for lost time while rebuilding the recruitment power they lost to layoffs. All of this led to an unprecedented hiring boom for recruiters. Additionally, many recruiters who lost their jobs or left the industry moved to other roles during the pandemic, which further contributed to the shortage of high-quality talent. Salaries for recruiters, especially in hard-pressed sectors, soared to an unprecedented level.

The solution

During the partnership, WeAreKeen placed a dedicated team consisting of a talent lead and two talent partners in-house to fully support Miro in hitting its high-volume recruitment goals. To help with hard-to-fill, specialised roles, WeAreKeen also embedded a talent sourcer to boost top-of-funnel pipelines.

The WeAreKeen embedded talent team functioned as a dedicated resource for the hiring of Miro recruiters, serving as a single point of contact for hiring managers and stakeholders. They took a consultative approach in their work, acting as strategic advisors to the hiring managers as well as trusted partners for the candidates.

The WeAreKeen talent team employed a high-touch communication model, providing Miro's team, hiring managers, and stakeholders with regular updates on performance metrics, recruitment initiatives, and market insights. They fully integrated into Miro's recruitment team, participating in team meetings, attending Miro's social and networking events, and performing all duties expected from a permanent recruiter.

WeAreKeen also supported Miro in a consultative capacity, providing regular data and insights to help influence hiring decisions, including:

  • Research into diversity planning, sharing insights with the diversity hiring panel on gender, background, location, and other diversity criteria.
  • Market research, including talent mapping for business and tech recruitment.
  • Project collaboration with Miro's internal team to improve the quality of inbound applications.
  • Support and knowledge-sharing in sourcing high-quality candidates.

The results

Throughout the partnership, the WeAreKeen embedded talent team exceeded Miro’s hiring targets and made 22 senior-level hires of recruitment professionals and achieved an average time to hire of 31 days. They achieved an offer-acceptance ratio of 79%, which was especially high considering the frenetic state of the hiring market and the hiring boom for recruiters, in particular.

The WeAreKeen talent team also delivered on Miro’s objectives of diversifying the talent pool and increasing the number of sourced candidates. Nearly 50% of hires came from the WeAreKeen sourcing efforts, which included serving as Miro brand ambassadors across social media, engaging in various outbound initiatives, and sharing additional sourcing expertise and best practices.

In addition, the WeAreKeen talent partners did strategic market research to support Miro, including research into diversity planning and talent mapping across various markets, which helped to influence hiring decisions and make a lasting, positive impact on the business.

Finally, WeAreKeen also helped Miro to accomplish another key objective in cutting time to hire. As a result of the partnership, Miro has significantly reduced its time to hire by 34%.


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