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Thanks to our vast vetted pool of interim recruiters, we can quickly and effectively connect you with exceptional recruitment professionals on short notice.

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Trust our Interim Recruitment experts to deliver results

When you need additional recruitment capacity, are building a new department, or searching for key positions, our interim recruiters can step in to assist. 

We understand that it's crucial that recruiters can independently support you with limited information within tight timelines. They should add value, save your time and resources, work efficiently, and deliver results quickly. Not every recruiter can do this, which is why our interim recruiters are tested for knowledge and skills.

By choosing an interim recruiter via WeAreKeen, you can trust you'll get the results you need quickly and efficiently.

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Access to our vast European community of 500+ skilled Interim Recruiters


Our vetted Interim Recruiters will be able to hit the ground running and get results in quickly


Domain expertise in specific niches is where our Interim Recruiters add the most value

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Are you a freelance recruiter looking for new opportunities?

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WeAreKeen is always on the lookout for skilled recruiters to join our freelance talent pool.

As a member of our freelance recruiters' community, you'll have access to a wide range of exciting projects that will challenge and inspire you.

We're looking for recruiters who can jump between different functions - from sourcing and interviewing to negotiating - and who enjoy collaborating with recruitment teams and advising hiring managers on talent strategy and tactics.

If you're a data-driven recruiting superstar with innovative ideas on how to optimize hiring processes, we definitely want to hear from you.


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