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The right leaders have the power to transform organisations. That's where we come in! 

At KeenX, we leverage our expertise and vast network in the European tech scene to discover exceptional candidates for your key leadership positions.

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Find the Perfect Leader for Your Team

KeenX taps into its extensive connections in the European tech industry to assist you in finding the perfect match for your leadership positions. Our talent partners follow the WeAreKeen Recruitment Framework, which ensures an end-to-end hiring process that is standardized, data-driven, and highly effective. From talent mapping to talent funnel creation, we employ a comprehensive approach that saves you time and valuable resources. Our services encompass everything from seamless onboarding to weekly activity reports, ensuring a smooth and successful recruitment journey.

KeenX: Powering Growth through Leadership Recruitment


"KeenX not only helped us find the right Country Director for our launch in France but also provided us with the best advice on how to proceed and managed the complete process. With high empathy and fast communication, they know how to spread the focus well on candidate and business result level. Because of this, we recently extended our partnership with KeenX, as we believe we can be successful with KeenX in the years to come."

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Boyd Boom

Recruitment Lead NL & UK

Our NPS is 74
6 Weeks Time to Hire
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28 Leadership Hires Made in 2023
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Types of roles

The success of any organization depends on having the right leaders in key roles. We specialize in finding exceptional leaders for critical positions across different domains such as:


  • People: VP/Head of People, TA Director, VP Talent Acquisition, Team Lead Tech Recruitment
  • Technology: VP of Engineering, Lead Engineer, Staff BE Engineers, Senior BE Engineers, VP/Director Data Scientists
  • Commercial: Head of Marketing, Manager of Business Development, Head of Expansion, Digital Marketing Lead, Head of Sales
  • Operations: Head of Operations, Chief of Staff, Country Manager

KeenX in a Nutshell



We've helped shape some of the most transformational tech companies in Europe from start-up to IPO


We're an integral part of the European tech scene. Giving us direct access to leaders ready for their next step


Our agile and data-driven way of working guarantees our top-tier partners speed & quality with each hire

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Would our Embedded Recruitment Solution (RPO) be a better fit?

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Are you scaling fast and need an experienced team to help you reach your hiring goals?

WeAreKeen also offers tailor-made Embedded Recruitment solutions. Imagine RPO, but elevated.

Our experienced talent partners embed fully into your organisation, either to act as your entire talent function or as a critical part of it. It’s an efficient way of adding additional experience and expertise when you need to scale quickly and don’t have the resources in-house.


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