How we helped FLYR fill exec roles in two European tech hubs: A case study from KeenX

We supported FLYR in powering growth through our leadership recruitment label, KeenX. WeAreKeen was the go-to partner for their European expansion.

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Betsy Campbell Barth
Chief People Officer at FLYR



As a CPO driving our talent management strategy, I can confidently say that partnering with WeAreKeen has really accelerated bringing in the right talent at the right time.

From the moment we engaged with their team, they demonstrated a level of professionalism, expertise, and dedication that exceeded our expectations.


The testimonial

One of the things that stands out about WeAreKeen is their commitment to understanding our unique hiring needs and company culture. They took the time to listen carefully to our requirements and preferences, ensuring that they fully grasped what we were looking for in potential candidates. This personalized approach was evident in the quality of candidates they presented to us – each one carefully vetted and perfectly aligned with our specifications.

Beyond just matching candidates to job descriptions, WeAreKeen goes above and beyond to assess each candidate's fit within our organization. Their thorough screening process not only evaluates candidates' skills and qualifications but also considers factors such as personality, work style, and cultural fit. As a result, the candidates they present not only meet our technical requirements but also seamlessly integrate into our team and contribute positively to our company culture.

Moreover, WeAreKeen's responsiveness and efficiency have been truly remarkable. They are always quick to respond to our inquiries, provide regular updates on the status of our searches, and adapt to any changes or adjustments we need along the way. Their proactive communication and attention to detail have made the entire recruitment process smooth and stress-free for us.


FLYR is a technology company that is purpose-built for the travel industry. Leveraging deep learning, an advanced form of AI, FLYR is helping airlines, cargo, and hospitality businesses around the globe elevate their results. With FLYR, businesses are able to improve revenue performance and modernize the e-commerce experience through accurate forecasting, automation, and analytics.

Built on the FLYR Commercial Operating System, a flexible and extendable platform, FLYR connects disparate data and systems with AI to help airlines increase ROI, make confident decisions and elevate every travel experience.



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