WeAreKeen's long-lasting strategic partnership with OLX

We supported OLX in adjusting to the ever-evolving business environment. Scaling up and down while seamlessly integrating into their TA teams and getting the hiring done.


Bastian Müller
Global Head of Talent Acquisition



I've been partnering with Keen for nearly four years now. This alone speaks volumes! We started during high-demand periods with our first group of RPO recruiters.

Over the years, we've grown together and successfully integrated WeAreKeen Talent Partners into our TA team. For me, Keen isn't about the quantity of recruiters; it's about high-quality recruiters who deliver as promised.


Would you recommend our recruitment service to others? If so, why?

Absolutely! Why? Because WeAreKeen offers genuinely good embedded Talent Partners. By "good," I mean with relevant experience, drive and maturity. When we need support in our TA team, we require experienced professionals who can rapidly drive our recruitment efforts. I don't want to be used as a "training company”; I've worked with many RPO providers, and I've seen a high turnover of RPO recruiters due to overselling young, inexperienced ones. This isn't the case with WeAreKeen - they listen, understand our specific needs, and consistently present us with embedded Talent Partners candidly, without overpromising. Did all the RPO recruiters from Keen work out at OLX? No, but most of them did, and some have been with us for multiple years, contributing to our long-term success.


What have you achieved from working with WeAreKeen Talent Partners?

We've become significantly more adaptable to market changes. Our world is in constant flux, which presents a growing challenge, particularly in recruitment. You can transition from a hiring freeze to mass hiring and back to a freeze within a few months. This is nearly impossible to manage with an in-house team alone. At OLX, we've implemented a system that combines a core in-house TA team with a flexible group of RPO recruiters. This setup allows us to respond to dynamic environments and demands without resorting to traditional hiring and firing practices. WeAreKeen plays a pivotal role in this.


What is the best part about working with WeAreKeen?

The best aspect of working with WeAreKeen is the trustful partnership, combined with their experienced Talent Partners. When collaborating with other RPO companies, our key Account Manager changed every two months, and we had to constantly re-explain all of OLX's needs and characteristics. This cannot be applied to WeAreKeen. We always had stable points of contact who genuinely listened and never attempted to sell us anything we didn't need or request. Even during challenging times when recruitment slowed down significantly, we maintained a trustworthy and effective collaboration.


At OLX, they build leading marketplace ecosystems enabled by tech, powered by trust, and loved by their customers. Together they're building a more sustainable world through trade, with 5M+ tonnes of CO2-eq emission savings.

Serving tens of millions of people every month, they help people buy and sell cars, find housing, get jobs, buy and sell household goods, and much more. OLX is powered by teams around the world, who are unified in their ambition to help people get more from the world’s limited resources.



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