Get Started with Relocating Tech Talent

Can't hire tech talent locally? Relocate them then! 

In the midst of a global tech talent war, Andrew will share with you his international recruitment wisdom about Talent Relocation & Mobility. 

He’ll deep dive into the most preferred countries of relocation, what to do if you want to get started, a quick overview of Dutch and German hiring policies from abroad, sourcing channels for tech candidates who’d like to move and the optimal relocation package. 

About our Guest Speaker


Andrew is an HR-Tech entrepreneur with a coding background. Founder of products like, CV Compiler  and GlossaryTech. He started working as a Tech Recruiter in 2009 and he remembers the days when he had to outreach to developers via ICQ :) In his off-time, he is a long-distance swimmer and coffee taster. 
Watch the full webinar

Watch the full webinar