Have you ever been disappointed or confused right after a job interview? I have, but not because of a recruiter but because of my performance.

When I have been prepared, it has always been easier during the interview. The one time I winged it, I was caught by surprise because I haven’t prepared enough. 

Since I became a recruiter I’ve had the chance to talk with a lot of great people, and even though candidates sometimes seem to be perfect, I occasionally get the feeling that the chat might have gone better. 

I’m lucky that now not only have I got my dream job, but I get to help others get theirs too!

So here you go - these are my 5 steps to prepare for an interview and most importantly succeed:


1. Be curious 🧐

Do your research. But try to have fun with it! If it’s a role/company that you like, chances are, you might like learning about them too. 

You can’t go wrong with a good, old fashioned Google search! Carefully read their website, glance at any articles about them. Perhaps they’ve just merged with another company or recently have picked up some fundings and are planning to grow. Try to get as much information as possible to really understand the phase that the company is in. 

It might be useful to search for other’s comments and experiences about the company on Glassdoor. But take them with a pinch of salt; they might not always apply to the role you’ve applied for and everyone’s experiences are different! 

Read the job description thoroughly. Make sure you’ve got what it takes to be the right candidate for them. Check that you have most of their 'must-haves' but also see what they can offer you

Check their Instagram for their office life (backstage). How’s the vibe there? Are they diverse or international? See which values they cherish and check if the working environment suits you.

Check out:


2. Interview yourself 🙋‍♀️

Start by asking yourself “Do I really want this role? Do I really like this company?” Then follow with some common questions you may hear during the meeting.

What are your strengths or weaknesses? Pinpoint at least three exciting projects that you’re proud of. Describe what you gained out of less successful tasks. 

What motivated you to start this new challenge? Think about the aspects that really appeal to you, whether they’re responsibilities, the company, opportunities for development or perhaps flexibility of working. 

What type of working environment suits you? Think about your previous experiences and figure out which setting you can be at your best, what gives you energy and which conditions make you feel limited.