Over the past year, I had many people asking me about the mission of WeAreKeen, what we do and how we are actually different from any other ‘typical’ recruitment agency. 

I could give you a lot of different answers starting from the usual pitch - “We scale-up recruitment teams” to more detailed answers where I would explain how we have recently helped one of our clients to find a new recruiter or Head of People to their team. 

It’s been a year since I became a Talent Partner at WeAreKeen and perhaps it’s the perfect timing to share with you the big secret of how we make a difference in the recruitment world. I would never say that we do things better, but I can surely be proud of the recruitment community we’ve built so far and the loads of warm words we’ve got from our candidates.

In this short piece, I’ll reveal all about our candidate experience and disclose the Keen ‘Wow Factors’. Make sure you read the whole thing - I have saved the best for last.


1. Recruitment Inception 🌀

Recruiting recruiters for recruitment teams. From the very beginning, we’ve been focusing on the recruitment community - helping great recruiters find new, exciting career opportunities, at the same time supporting our clients building up their talent acquisition teams. Our goal wasn’t to hire as many people as possible but to really understand the market needs and to answer these needs with the right solution. We’ve been helping professionals develop their desired recruitment skills, while connecting them with the best possible job at our partners.

We support not only through making a good match but also through knowledge sharing, content creation and bringing great thought leaders together at our Keen Academy programme, webinars, masterclasses and meet-ups.


2. In Partners We Trust 🤝

We believe in what we do and whom we do it with. Our partners are either fast-growing scale-ups like Backbase, Deliverect, Takeaway or already well-established enterprises such as Rabobank, Capgemini or Van Lanschot. And even though each of them has its unique characteristic, different mission and distinctive product they all have something in common - they are KEEN to learn, KEEN to always do better and KEEN to help their people grow.

These are the values we cherish and believe in, therefore with hand on heart we can always recommend our clients to future Keenies.


3. You’re in the lead 🚀

You decide what works for you. At the very first step in our recruitment process, we’re trying to understand what you are looking for and what your needs are. We’re not desperately trying to convince you to take the job but we kick off a discussion to help you find the best track for yourself. If it happens that your aspirations match the role we currently have we support you all the way till you get your dream job. 


4. We got your back 🙋‍♂️

We live up to this promise - whether it’s still during the process or after you landed the job. We always try to manage your expectations - provide the feedback as soon as possible and be transparent about the whole process. Starting with a good preparation before you dive into the recruitment process, continuing with hints before the intake and good luck messages on the interview day. Everything to help you nail the process and your interviews :)

Don’t worry, we won’t abandon you there! After you have started your dream role, we schedule regular evaluations to see how you’re doing, what you are struggling with and how we may help you deal with all the challenges you’re facing.