Aleksandra is a well-disguised introvert, so when she’s not recharging from her hectic day-to-days by cozying up to a nice meal, enjoying a relaxing bubble bath with a book, or escaping with a video game, you can find her networking, socialising with friends, traveling, and exploring new things the world has to offer. As a Lithuanian-Russian, she grew up in 5 different countries, so she’s definitely learned the art of moving and has no problem eating alone at a restaurant. 

Apart from that, Aleksandra is very results-driven, which she considers both a blessing and a curse. When things slow down she feels a bit frustrated, so working in a fast-paced environment—for her—is the place to be. 

She’s currently busy learning Dutch, taking care of her two cats, and planning a wedding!

Let’s learn about Aleksandra’s experience as an RPO.



WeAreKeen: What does being an RPO Recruiter mean to you? 

Aleksandra: For me, being an RPO Recruiter means belonging to two companies. In this way, I feel responsible to represent both of them in a positive way, while using the opportunity to gain knowledge from all the different people I get to work with. 

In our roles, we come from “outside” and have to quickly integrate into the working way of the client through learning systems, building relationships with hiring managers, and understanding their processes. Once we’re comfortable, we are able to share our experiences to help the client grow, improve, or simply get things done.


Tell us about the company you're working at and your role there.

At the moment I am on an assignment at Mollie—a fast-growing, fintech unicorn in Amsterdam that aims to make online payment simple for merchants by taking away the complexity from payment methods and offering a simple but powerful API. Since this is a payments platform that offers an easy-to-implement process for integrating payments into a site or app, it really helps businesses grow! I joined Mollie as a Talent Acquisition Specialist to help scale the Operations department. 

we are able to share our experiences to help the client grow, improve, or simply get things done.

So far it has been an exciting journey, as no day is ever the same. I arrived with an open mind and was ready to work on anything thrown my way. However, I quickly became very fond of Onboarding & Risk, and currently recruit on all levels of seniority for the O&R department.


What did your first month at Mollie look like?

WeAreKeen made sure I was comfortable and happy transitioning to Mollie. I think I was a bit nervous! It was a very steep learning curve. The first days were full of meetings and getting to know the business. But, I could not wait to get to work! To be very honest with you, I probably started sourcing during one of the onboarding sessions on day two! 

Once the official onboarding was over I was assigned a buddy that was helping me out (and still is) with any questions I had. In no time, I started hiring and it was a proper feel-good moment. As I mentioned, I am a results-driven person, so having results before my second foot was through the door was quite rewarding. Since then, I have continued learning on a daily basis; not only in recruitment but being a part of various projects, as well.


Tell us about your daily work at Mollie.

I would say it’s not very different from being an Internal Recruiter. I source, communicate with hiring managers, use data to influence decision-making, interview candidates, and help scale the company. The only difference is, I kind of have two managers: one at WeAreKeen, the other one at Mollie, and I check in with both of them on a regular basis to make sure I’m doing okay or to express any concerns I may have.


What do you enjoy most about being an RPO Recruiter at Mollie?

They welcomed me with open arms and never made me feel like an “outsider” or that I didn’t belong, even right away. The colleagues I have here are very driven and passionate about what they do, so they really take you on to ride that wave! It seems like there is always an announcement that a milestone or achievement has been made, so there are plenty of reasons to celebrate, and always a way to challenge myself. 


What are your main challenges and responsibilities at Mollie?

My main responsibilities are to hire great talent and help the company scale. Whatever you feel like that involves—I am probably doing it! 


What is the biggest challenge for you at Mollie?

Mollie is currently going through a hyper-growth stage as a company. The main challenge for me—and I would say for the entire Talent Team—is to facilitate that growth and make sure we do not sacrifice quality for quantity. 


What’s the best advice you would give your fellow RPO recruiter to succeed on a project?

Just do it! Make sure you clearly know your goals and set the expectations from the get-go so you can keep track of your progress and stay on track, then go all-in. Do not be afraid to ask for help or ask questions. You’re not going to get shot in the foot for being curious about your job and trying to learn and absorb as much as you can. And lastly: put in the effort to get to know the company you’re joining and the colleagues you have there.


While working on a project at Mollie, how do you manage to stay connected with WeAreKeen? 

I try to either catch up online or go for a drink or two offline with my colleagues at WeAreKeen. In addition to that, the management is doing a great job organising team outings (that are also sporty) and weekly catch-ups online with the whole team. To make sure we still know what’s happening they send out weekly updates with the biggest achievements and any news related to the company.


Do you feel supported/coached/guided?

I feel that in different ways. After all, I have two very different people that I report to! Annemarie, my manager at WeAreKeen, helps me stay focused on the right things, shows great support for my mental health, and always makes sure I have a good work-life balance. On the other hand, my manager at Mollie helps me remain confident, challenges me, and coaches me. There is definitely a difference in the support I feel from both companies, but both are very positive and make sure I have everything I need to be successful. 


What is something you would still like to do or learn?

What do I NOT want to learn?! Haha. Well, on a serious note, the next thing I want to tackle professionally is learning leadership skills and project management skills. I feel like I have the traits to make it happen, but I’ve yet to find the time to make it a reality. For the time being, I am tackling the Dutch language and that’s already something! 

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