Unicorns. Hiking. Video games. Collecting analog cameras. You’ve probably never read those words in the same context before, but Kata--a self-described extroverted introvert--enjoys all of these things in her free time.

After speaking with her, we wonder how she has any free time at all! (*It’s the coffee.) As a recent transplant from Hungary, Kata has been laser-focused on her career while working remotely with OLX and WeAreKeen, but working just as hard at finding her work-life balance and exploring the new country she calls home.

Let’s explore her experience as an RPO Recruiter!


WeAreKeen: Tell us a bit more about yourself.

Kata: I’m from Hungary and I’ve worked in recruitment for 6 years, centered around tech. I have experience in both large and small agencies, in-house, and at many companies. At my last company in Hungary, I was a leader helping to build teams.

Having moved to the Netherlands in January 2021 during the pandemic, it’s been a little bit of a challenge, but I’m keen on exploring, getting out, and learning more about my surroundings.


So, what does embedded recruitment mean to you?

It means belonging to two worlds and getting the best out of both. I can grow with WeAreKeen in this hypergrowth environment while consulting with OLX and recruiting and educating hiring managers. Always learning, always busy.


It means belonging to two worlds and getting the best out of both.


Tell us about the company you're working at and your role there.

OLX is one of the fastest-growing networks of trading platforms that spans more than 20 brands across 5 continents and 30 countries. We are focused on building a product that makes it easier to buy and sell something, with more than 10,000 employees on deck. 

My role is as a Tech Recruiter. I work with different countries (primarily Europe for now) in different roles, depending on what the job requires. At the moment I'm looking for product analysts and software developers.


How did your first month look? 

I had never joined a company remotely before, so this was something new and challenging. How do I exist in an online setting? I really had to connect with the new people I was working with and find my voice in the company. And now I’m pretty much 100% remote, so that has its own set of challenges.

Task-wise, I began with onboarding sessions for a couple of weeks then started shadowing. Colleagues helped with pitches, job postings, etc. I had to get acquainted with the entire OLX system--mostly by trial and error. I was included in all meetings and channels and was very active in connecting and reaching out. 


Tell us about your daily work.

I would say that I have become a jack of all trades. It's controlled chaos! My interviews have to align with hiring managers, who provide support, as well as sourcing and scheduling interviews. Juggling all the roles can be challenging but with the help of HMs, it’s manageable. 

Thankfully, I get to set my own priorities in this stakeholder-heavy environment. Time management is important but I am free to do what I want. However, with that full autonomy comes ownership, and a lot of priorities. I enjoy the independence and the ownership and proving that I can manage myself while getting the work done. 


What do you enjoy most about being an embedded recruiter at OLX? 

OLX is the largest company I have worked within an international environment, so I learn a lot from people both professionally and socially. Even in quick 5 minute chats, I feel like I can connect and learn something new about people and culture. 

At Keen, I felt there was an opportunity to experience more companies, more stacks, and more business models. It’s a nice balance.


What are your main challenges and responsibilities at OLX? 

Challenges: I have a lot of HMs, and I keep in close contact with all of them. Each HM wants different reporting and has different expectations, so I manage that. I have stakeholder experience, but not at this scale (6+ HMs). 

Responsibilities: End-to-end recruitment, intake meeting, sourcing, interviewing, scheduling interviews for other rounds, extending the offer, then setting the path for HR once the offer is accepted.