Helping you to pave your road to Success

One element I have noticed and love about Keen: is that there is a great deal of openness and transparency. Everyone feels heard and is happy to share and learn from each other. From my first day, I felt comfortable sharing my ideas and have been asking my fellow colleagues for their experiences or tips for challenges I faced. I feel part of a team, and the way we see success is as a team and growing together. 

On that note, being at the forefront of the recruitment process of WeAreKeen as the internal Corporate Recruiter and the person who will be by your side through the whole process - I wanted to share with you what our steps look like. Our recruitment process is pretty straight forward and being transparent with our people and applicants is a top priority at WeAreKeen. So let me take you through it so you know what to expect when you apply! 

During the whole process, our goal is to get to know you personally - specifically your experience, motivation, and your values. At the same time, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know us too and see if it's a match. It’s a 2-way street! 

Currently, our recruitment process is fully virtual. However, we would be happy to meet you in person for the final chat if you feel comfortable with that. 

 Here are the steps to join WeAreKeen: 


1. Applying to Keen - Submit your application 

When applying to WeAreKeen we do not ask for much. Have an updated CV with all related tasks and roles you had in recruitment. You can also attach a motivation letter if you like to express why you are keen to join us. We do not wish to make it a hassle for you to apply. 

You will hear from us within a week at the latest. 

TIP: Please share a pdf document and not a link to a Google document! 


2. Let’s Introduce Ourselves - Chat with Internal Partner (me)

Your profile caught our eye and our Internal Partner, Masha Begovic, would like to meet you! 

Here you have a 30 min introduction chat where you can get to learn more information about our company, the role, and growth opportunities. 

I will ask some questions to assess your experience in recruitment, as the extent to which you have taken over the whole 360 processes is important to us. 

And last but not least, I will want to get to know you, what you are looking for and what is important for you moving forward. We want to share transparency throughout the whole process with what you can expect. 

You can expect a response within a day. Next up meeting our co-founder or 

TIP: Make sure to have a look at our website, social media channels (Instagram and Linkedin), and Hiring playground before the call 


3. First Interview - Down to the good stuff

Great, we think you might have what it takes to join our Keen team! 

After our introduction call, we arrange a more in-depth interview where we want to dive deeper into your previous/current roles in recruitment. 

In addition, by asking questions about your roles, we want to assess how strong your skills are (such as sourcing and stakeholder management). 

Lastly, we also keep an eye on behaviors that reflect our culture, such as eagerness to learn, humbleness, maturity, enthusiasm. 

With the information from this interview, we can see if there are projects that currently fit your profile and on which level of seniority you might be. 

We want this interview to feel like a normal conversation and not an interrogation. We want you to feel comfortable and be yourself. 

Tip: Bring some questions for the end to ask us. It shows engagement and motivation. You will only benefit from it


You can expect to receive your feedback within a day or two.