As we move towards the end of 2021, what better time to take a look back at some of the remarkable recruitment webinar series that took place this year. We’ve asked our own recruiters which webinar series inspired them, taught them new things, and were their overall go-to favorites to watch. Learning is at the core of WeAreKeen, which is why we’ve created a list of the Top 5 recruitment webinar series that you should definitely watch!

1. Smart Recruit Online

2. HackerEarth

3. WeAreKeen

4. Amazing Hiring

5. Lever


Let’s dive right in.


1. Smart Recruit Online

This series of Smart Recruit Online covers topics mostly related to work-life balance and diversity and inclusivity. How do you cope with stress or the shift to working from home during a pandemic? What about beginning a new job, virtually, at a company of people you’ve never met? At WeAreKeen we think work-life balance is super important! From yoga sessions to relaxed workcations, we know what’s good! Inclusivity and diversity is a hot topic also covered in the Smart Recruit Online webinars; something we fully support. (WeAreKeen has also conducted webinars on D&I, which you can find here)Here are our favorites from this webinar series:

  • How Mindfulness & Yoga in the Workplace Can Transform Stress - Watch now

  • Managing the Phased Return to Work After Lockdown - Watch now

  • How To Control Stress in a Crisis With 3 Simple Steps - Watch now

Watch this series now by clicking here!


2. HackerEarth 

The ‘This is Recruiting’ webinars from HackerEarth provide you, the tech-savvy recruiter, with best practices on a wide range of topics related to tech recruitment. In this series, interesting virtual panel discussions are held with influential thought leaders who speak their knowledge on the latest trends. Some of our top picks:

  • How to use Data Analytics for Smarter Recruitment - Watch now

  • Top Creative Sourcing Techniques to Leverage Today - Watch now

  • When Hiring Partners Hinder Hiring - Watch now

You don’t want to miss this! Watch this webinar series here to gain more recruitment knowledge, tips, and tricks from HackerEarth.