The world of recruitment is changing, and we are proud to take our place in it. We claim our spot within this professional realm because WeAreKeen is The Definition of Embedded Recruitment. Yes, you read that right. We feel that we are the trailblazers, game-changers, ánd frontrunners within this booming industry. Embedded recruitment is here to stay, and who better to claim their stake than us? We’ve been in the recruitment industry for many years and know exactly how to find the sweet spots. So this is who we are. This is WeAreKeen — a company of many colours, talents, and achievements. We knew that our name would define us when we founded our company. We never realised that our name now defines the new world of recruitment. Furthermore, we are all keen, and we are all the definition of embedded recruitment.


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Go big, bigger, biggest

You know what, we are just beginning and won’t stop now. We are presently at 35 employees, and we have almost tripled the size of our team in Berlin. Making us already switch to a bigger office after moving in six months ago in the buzzing Prenzlauerberg area in the German capital. The majority of our team operates from Amsterdam. Our new Jordaan based office looks fantastic and is gradually establishing itself as the recruitment hub we always envisioned. We will kick off our first live KeenTalks in a few weeks with an audience of more than 75 recruiters. Being able to host, organise and share inspired thinking with a community of like-minded recruitment professionals is another thing we are very keen about. 


Don’t stop us now

With our new frontrunner role and the claim we stake, we also feel that we should share our goals. Because for us, it doesn’t stop here. We are just getting warmed up. To keep us – and our friendly competitors – on our toes, we’ve set out our objectives and goals for 2025. We believe that we have formed a team of 150 employees that will work together and lift each other up by that year. The opening of new offices in European tech hubs is also on the roadmap. Because not just growth is vital to us, but happy employees too. We are in this together, and we can bring out our best selves with collaboration. 


Making growth happen

Not only do we want to grow our team and keep workplace happiness high, but our goal is also to maintain a client base, of which 50% has unicorn status. It brings us to our main objective to drive us forward. We enable innovative companies to scale fast by providing leading embedded recruitment solutions. Now and in the future.


Are you keen? Join the definition!