Whether you are an in-house recruiter or a sourcer or recruiter in an agency setting, you always seem to have FOMO  - yes, recruiters get it too ;). 

But what are you afraid of missing out on and, more importantly, why is that? Well, as an agency recruiter, you sometimes feel uninformed about the roles you’re hiring, missing the full spectrum of recruitment or lack of having an impact and contributing to the greater purpose. On the other hand, as an in-house recruiter, you might feel unchallenged or feel like you’re not growing fast enough in your organisation. But you might also worry about changing jobs too quickly because you might be seen as a job hopper. 

If that sounds a bit too familiar to you, the good news is, there is another way to do things in recruitment. It’s 2022, after all, and for the first time perhaps in our careers, recruiters are one of, if not the most sought after professions, even more than developers. I’m sure that puts things into perspective for you :p. That means the recruitment field is changing, and more flexible ways of working and accelerating your career are here to stay.

What is Embedded Recruitment?

There’s a sweet spot between being the outsider looking in and the insider looking out. At WeAreKeen, we call it embedded recruitment; you might have heard the term RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing). It’s the same thing; we implement Talent Teams into companies to work alongside the internal recruitment team. Our embedded recruiter supports a startup or scale-up to grow their team while becoming part of their internal recruitment team. It's a 360-recruitment position. There’s not too much difference between an embedded vs an in-house recruiter. However, you’re only exclusively working for a certain period for that company. All embedded recruiters are under contract with WeAreKeen. We offer you learning tools and other resources to make your job more efficient and to be the best hiring partner for your client.