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    Ingeborg van Harten
    Ingeborg van Harten
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    7 Tips to Influence your Stakeholders with Data
    Lena Kuliashova
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    WeAreKeen is expanding to Berlin and opening its first office outside of Amsterdam

    Exciting news for tech..

    1 min read
    Getting to Know an RPO Recruiter, Chat with Aleksandra

    Aleksandra is a..

    4 min read
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    Finding Your Why of D&I
    Joanne Lockwood frsa
    Diversity and Inclusion Specialist and Founder at SEE Change Happen
    How to Improve Your Diversity Sourcing Strategy
    Vanessa Raath
    Freelance Source & Global Talent Sourcing Recruiter
    Are Robots taking over Humans in the recruitment industry?
    Doeke Geertsma
    Co-Founder & CEO of WeAreKeen
    5 steps to prepare for your job interview
    Maja Rutkowska
    Former Recruiter & Internal Talent Partner at WeAreKeen
    How to Build a Sustainable Tech Employer Brand
    Modiara Kamps
    Employer Branding EMEA Consumer Tech at Amazon
    How to Assess a Cultural Fit via Online Interviews
    Alla Pavlova
    Freelance Tech Recruiter & Sourcer at Miro
    High-Impact Low-Budget Employer Branding
    Ingeborg van Harten
    Chief People Officer
    7 things to do if you have lost your job or assignment
    Mariya Burkhanova
    Tech Talent Partner at WeAreKeen
    Why upskilling your people is a smart thing to do
    Doeke Geertsma
    Co-Founder & CEO of WeAreKeen
    How remote hiring changed our recruitment process: 5 things we actually improved
    Lina Kucinskaite
    Technical Recruiter at VanMoof
    How to Build Your Personal Brand as a Recruiter
    Sjamilla van der Tooren
    Tech Recruitment Lead at Vanmoof
    Managing Expectations: A Winning Formula
    Enrico Heidelberg
    Senior Freelance Recruiter
    5 ways to turn this slow hiring time into an opportunity for your recruitment team!
    Annemarie Sterk
    Co-Founder & COO of WeAreKeen